The professionals in the restoration of the Gel-Coat.


Coat Doctors

Coat Doctors is a company of repairs and cosmetic treatments on boats and yachts of all types and sizes. It was founded by its current director Juan Garcia, in Palma de Mallorca in 2010. Juan has more than twelve years of experience and our company is a leader in the nautical industry on the island, with a clean trajectory since day one until today, and above all respectful with the environment.

Our policies as a company are based on the quality, perseverance and excellence in our work, with the satisfaction of our customers as a priority.

We are a team of eight professionals specialized in application, restoration and polishing of cosmetic coatings such as gel-coat, paints, and varnishes.

We perform custom manufacturing and repair of composite materials such as fiberglass, carbon and kevlar.
We apply ceramic coatings based on a composition of Quartz and Silicon crystals that lengthen the life, resistance and brightness of any surface.


Juan Garcia – Director
Andie Betti – Commercial Assistant and Production
Malwer Andrade – Commercial Advisor
Moises Sanchez – Production
Cristobal Muñoz – Production
Manolo Molina – Production
Fernando Lozano – Production
Osvaldo Alfonso – Production

Collaborating Companies

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